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Effective SEO – It’s All About Search Topics, Subtopic Keywords & Pillar Pages

The way people search online has evolved over the years, and you need to know how. Do you remember when you would type one or two keywords into the search engine and get a result? Well, now we type (or speak) in full questions or problems and expect to receive an answer.

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How To Develop Effective Campaign Positioning And Messaging

So you have the responsibility of creating a new marketing campaign for the quarter, or you are now in charge of a new product launch. This is an integral part of your company’s growth strategy so you need to ensure you develop a robust framework and plan for your marketing campaign as it will not only support the product team it will also need to support the sales and customer service teams.

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Use the Netflix model to create Binge-worthy content for your B2B marketing

We have all heard of Netflix and most of us would be keen Netflix fans as its changed the way we consume content at home and online. But if you’re a B2B marketer you need to read the following Three Takeaways to Creating Binge Worthy Content that was published on the 5th Oct 2017 on the Content MarketingMarketingProfs B2B Forum.

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New Research Reveals Half of Marketers Feel Disconnected with their Board

The latest 2017 State of Marketing Tech report, conducted by Squiz- a Digital Transformation company, surveyed over 600 senior marketing professionals globally to reveal their digital vision, goals and challenges.

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58% of all email opens occur on mobile devices, reveals latest research

SME’s in Australia use email marketing as one of the key sales and marketing tactics to generate interest and brand awareness about their products and services. Today email marketing is a popular business tool that if used correctly can have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line to generate leads. This week we discuss the importance of responsive e-mail marketing.