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INBOUND 2019: How To Take Advantage Of The 5 Best HubSpot Platform Updates

The lights, sounds, and spectacle of the orange-themed marketing, sales and service extravaganza is over. HubSpot's INBOUND has well and truly concluded for 2019.

Though the curtain has fallen on the Inbound stage, it lives on through the many many updates announced to the HubSpot platform.

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The What, Why And How Of B2B Marketing Automation | g2m Solutions

Automation. The sacred word uttered through strategy meetings, marketing WIPs and job interviews the B2B world over.

It’s your marketing function performed by a relentless, untiring, godless machine. A bustling operational utopia, where your focus can be placed solely on growth because all the execution has been taken care of. 

At least, that’s the image the word tends to conjure up. However, this is only a part of the truth. 

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How A Content Cluster Strategy Will Increase Your Organic Traffic

Does content marketing even work anymore?

Do you feel like you’ve been keyword-researching, brain-storming and blog post churning for a while now - and yet to see the kind of bountiful growth promised to you by all those marketing posts suffocating your LinkedIn feed?

Why aren’t people reading my content? Can people even find what I’m writing? Am I writing about the right things?

What Blockbuster Video and Netflix Teach Us About B2B Sales

The world of B2B selling has changed. Forever.

Remember 20 years ago when it was movie night? You had to get off the couch, jump in your car, drive to the local Blockbuster and spend 30 minutes choosing a movie. Then you had to return within 24 hours - but only AFTER rewinding it - to avoid additional fees.

Ahhh the good old days, right?

No. It was a horrible experience for the buyer. Certainly compared to the experience we now have with Netflix; instant, almost unlimited choice for a flat fee (and no rewinding required). We are never going back.

Watching movies has changed. Forever.

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Thinking Beyond Purchase: Mapping Content to the Customer’s Buying Journey


Marketing. We turn leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities, and opportunities into customers. It’s our bread and butter. But, what happens after? What’s possible? And most importantly - what do we want to happen after?

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