Effective HubSpot onboarding for your team

What is so different about the g2m HubSpot Onboarding Program?

Our interactive onboarding program has been designed by Learning and Development professionals and HubSpot power users with one purpose in mind. To embed lasting behavioural change in the people who will use the software every day.

Our approach:

  • Discovery sessions to map your customer’s journey from complete stranger to lead to opportunity to new customer to loyal advocate.

  • Map your corresponding seller’s journey, your internal processes how you market, sell and service your customers.

  • Agree with you on your biggest gap to goal and determine your custom onboarding plan including your first campaign we will build with you. We aim to balance quick wins with medium or longer term transformations. 

  • HubSpot software configuration and technical setup.

  • Undertake initial training, reinforcement training and reminder training. We gamify the training, make it fun, run competitions, award prizes. (See how we use microlearning and gamification in our HubSpot Onboarding). Training is focused on the specific HubSpot software you have purchased. 

  • Determine your internal champions, recruit them to your cause. Identify your doubters. Appoint a core implementation team. Keep it small. 

  • Agree who will need to be trained on what processes and which HubSpot tools. Not everyone needs to know everything.

  • Throughout the onboarding you will have access to a dedicated slack channel and Asana board for project management.

  • Final deliverables: A new starter kit and governance kit tailored to your environment.

  • g2m undertakes a formal review at 3, 6 and 12  months (we call them Portal Audits). Refine processes that aren’t working or parts of the HubSpot tool that isn’t being used or used well.   


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Benefits of  Tailored Onboarding

How We Help

HubSpot Configuration and Technical Setup

We'll help you with the technical setup tasks required for a successful HubSpot implementation.

This includes:

  • Set up your domain settings
  • Work with your web team to ensure installation of the HubSpot tracking code correctly.
  • Upload and configure your contacts and properties.
  • Set up email integration and tracking

Tailored Onboarding Design

We spend time to understand your current processes that support the journey your customer goes on from unqualified to qualified lead to opportunity to  customer and to loyal advocate. We help you configure the required processes within HubSpot. Specifically we:

  • Help you plan your first campaign and how to set up in HubSpot
  • Build lists for the campaign
  • Implement custom workflows for the campaign



Training Through Microlearning, Memory Jogs and Gamification

Effective training requires initial skill development and knowledge transfer but also reinforcement and reminder training and content.

We deliver initial tailored training sessions on using HubSpot effectively. We know a thing or two about how to use hubSpot effectively and we happily share our best practice recommendations based on over 12 years years of HubSpot onboarding experience.

In addition our L&D team has developed interactive learning elements to support the change management process:

  • eLearning memory jogs to overcome the forgetting curve
  • gamification to enhance team collaboration and discussion
  • team fact finding games

We make sure each lesson is fun as our experience shows this enables better retention and enhances team engagement.........and that's the way we like it.


Benefits of choosing g2m Solutions

We've been implementing HubSpot software since 2010. We have been B2B business leaders, marketers and salespeople for our entire careers.

We are incredibly excited about the possibilities that digital transformation can unlock in organisations. Helping clients get their implementation right & get to ROI as fast as possible is what drives us.  

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HubSpot portals deployed across CRM, marketing, sales and service hubs.



Sales, marketing and service professionals trained on HubSpot software.



Optimised processes and workflows to help sales, marketers and customer service teams with their digital transformation

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