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We were struggling to find enough leads

Charlie, Business Owner in the IT Sector


"We aren’t new to our game. We’ve been selling to CIOs and IT managers for years. But our tried and trusted sales & marketing techniques just weren’t working as well any more. The volume of leads was consistently falling each month and our potential customers just seemed so jaded and cynical about our offers. Our sales team were trying to sell products and services not connected to our customer's pain points. The customer struggled to see the value and we ended up competing on price in most cases, which just killed our margins.  

The g2m team facilitated a series of working sessions with our sales, marketing and exec team all in a room together, to rebuild our go-to-market strategy and a plan (for both sales and marketing) around our target customers' goals and challenges. It was a really powerful experience to sit together ang align our thinking. They then wrote and shared content around those problems for a number of months. The content was also used by our sales team to open a conversation about helping solve a customer problem. It wasn’t an instant fix but over several months those same cynical customers came to realise we genuinely understood them and could help. The quality of the conversations were so much better. I think its because we’d won back their trust."

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My marketing campaigns were always getting knocked back

Emily, Marketing Director of mid-sized professional services firm


"I was struggling on two fronts. The business development team and marketing seemed to never be able to agree on what campaigns would work best and often sales went off and did their own thing. Super frustrating. Secondly, I was struggling to get my manager to agree to my requests for funding. I was always getting knocked back.

Working through g2m’s process was a revelation. The whole exercise took 4 weeks but we got my boss and the business development team in a room together and in a single day we built a go to market plan that was tied to our business’ growth goals (which made my boss happy!) and we finally got the sales and marketing team aligned around what campaigns and content we were going to deliver. Now we’ve got our entire strategy, tactics and plan on a single clearly documented page. I’m really excited about next year now.”


Of all our work with G2M, I found the growth strategy development process was the most valuable to me personally. It went from being a process we needed to get through to a personal coaching session for me, which I found was an invaluable experience and one I would see repeating on a regular basis as our business grows.”



Tom Power, CEO Profiling Online

My content just wasn't delivering

Rob, CMO of SaaS Provider


"We’re in the Business Intelligence sector and we're growing quite fast. We'd invested pretty heavily in content but we just weren't seeing the results we were expecing. I needed a content engine that delivered lower cost, better-qualified leads. 

The g2m team redesigned our content strategy and content plan. They worked with us to refine our positioning and messaging so it was really focused. They undertook some really revealing competitive analysis that allowed us to avoid producing "me too" content and built a sharing and amplification strategy that made sure  our stuff got found. With that real clarity, they developed a content calendar and wrote creative briefs (and even shot a few videos for us.)

In my view, we reduced our cost of acquiring a lead because we built a strong rapport with our customer across their entire decision making journey using our content. With both marketing and sales happy to use our content, our conversion rates improved singificantly across the full funnel.

Finally, a content strategy that works, honestly its just such a relief." 

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Sales & Marketing just couldn't agree on a common, aligned approach

Steve, Head of a seven person sales team located across Australia


“If I’m honest, I was cynical about our marketing team’s ability to generate any decent leads, we'd get a handful of leads a month that looked interesting, but we had to rely on our own efforts to hit our targets.

But the go to market workshop process that g2m took us through changed my view completely. Because it turned what we usually did, inside out. By focusing our sales and marketing on the buyer, we had a framework we could all agree on and sign up to. It seems we are now getting a lot more of the right type of leads now… and best of all, we know how fast we need to run to hit our bookings target. I feel like marketing understands my world now (and since I’m feeling generous, I guess I do understand their world a bit better to, they don’t have it that easy either...just don't tell them I said so!)" 



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