Build A Powerful Strategy For Growth

The research data is clear. Firms guided by a blisteringly clear strategy grow faster and more profitably. Because without a clear plan, sales and marketing tactics are random, ineffective and your growth rates slow.

Go To Market Strategy


FunnelLogicTM describes the highly effective methodology that has been tested and evolved over the last 18 years and now fully adapted to today's digital world in which we all live.  It helps B2B firms, both large and small, to build a highly effective sales and marketing strategy built around your customer's buying journey. You get:

  • A fully dimensioned plan distilled into a single, highly actionable page
  • Powerful, facilitated, working sessions with your senior execs, sales and marketing teams to align your thinking.
  • We work out the velocity of your funnel so you know how many visitors, contacts, qualifed leads, prospects and deals you need to make plan and hit your growth goals.
  • A clearly articulated set of tactics for both sales and marketing to use across the whole funnel.

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Content Strategy


The content Tsunami threatens to swamp us all, every day. We are overwhelmed with messages, content is everywhere. Research tells us 88% of B2B marketers invest in content marketing, yet less than half are satisfied with the returns they are getting!

Its time to rebuild your approach to content.

Your content MUST resonate strongly with your target audience to stand a chance of leaving a lasting impression, let alone generate a lead. Our approach to content srategy:

  • We start by carefully uncovering the key drivers that motivate your target customers at every stage of their buying decision.
  • We research and analyse the competitive content landscape.
  • We define a clear vision for your content and a compelling position and message for the market.  
  • Defining your content distribution and amplification channels is a critical part of your content strategy. We look at your current channels and recommend the optimum combination to expose your content to the largest number of your target audience.  
  • We recommend and design a full content calendar with briefs for your creatives and recommend how to integrate it with your marketing automation and CRM platforms for each stage of their purchasing journey.

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B2B Sales Advice & Training 


B2B sales has always been complex and in most cases buying cycles are measured in months and years. Now, many firms are painfully aware that their B2B sales processes and tactics aren’t yielding the results they once used to. Cold calls and email open rates are falling as customers self-educate before reaching out to a vendor’s sales team. 

Our sales training and consulting services helps your team upgrade and refresh the way they sell to align to the way a modern customer purchases. We get your reps focusing on your buyers needs and outcomes rather than pushing your products and services.

We apply the proven principles of the inbound sales methodology that redesign your sales processes and retrain your team.

In a series of crisp planning sessions with the management team and powerful hands on workshops with your sales reps we:

  • Help re-think your sales processes to align with your buyer's needs and pain points and how you can generate value.
  • Define relevant content for your sales team to use with your prospects.
  • Optimise your sales team’s online profiles, especially LinkedIn.
  • Educate your sales reps on the 4 step methodology:
    • Identify
    • Connect
    • Explore 
    • Advise.
  • If needed generate scripts and discussion guides to maximise conversion rates.
  • If required, install and train the team in the use of powerful and effective sales tools.

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