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We are proud practitioners and passionate advocates for smarter B2B marketing and sales


Founded in 2010, g2m Solutions was born from the conviction that B2B firms should strive to build strong, genuinely valuable, lasting relationships with the customers they aim to serve.  Ever since, we have been ambassador, advisor and advocate for the transformation of the B2B marketing and sales function in Australia.

The newly empowered, independent, "self service" B2B buyer, requires salespeople and marketers to change the way they attract and engage with their target audience. It calls for a new strategy, better content, smarter campaigns and an effective sales process.

This is where we go to work with our clients.

g2m Solutions has been helping our clients to grow their businesses for over 7 years now. In fact, we were one of the first B2B marketing and sales advisory firms to realise the real lasting impact the internet was going to have on the marketing and sales function. The smart use of automation technology underpins much of modern sales and marketing and we are the first and leading HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner in Australia. As a result, we've managed to drum up a fair bit of experience:




From these activities we have generated hundreds of thousands of visitors, thousands of leads and customers, and ultimately, revenue growth for our clients.



Chris Fell

Founder / CEO

Chris set up g2m in 2010 after seeing businesses struggle with the transition from older, analogue tactics to inbound, digital sales and marketing. He realised that for firms to really align with the new B2B buying process, they'd need to rethink their go to market strategy, their content and their tactics. Chris leads the go to market strategy development for g2m's clients as well as designing and delivering public and custom sales and marketing training programs.

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Belinda Johnson

Head of Client Services

Belinda works closely with Chris to develop each go to market strategy for our clients and oversees the implementation of the subsequent content and lead generation programmes. She has extensive experience as a senior marketer in both a B2B and B2C environments, across professional services, IT&T, publishing, hospitality and the Not for profit sectors.

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Tasha Dal Bianco

Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant

Tasha is an inbound marketer and resident HubSpot expert. She works on turning strategy into campaigns that generate visitors, leads and customers for her clients. 

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Jess Watts

Inbound Marketing Associate 

Jess supports the g2m team across all aspects of Inbound. Jess enjoys executing the clients' social media strategies. She has a love for learning and in her spare time creates award winning cakes!   

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Paola Mejía

Business Development Manager

Paola works closely with Chris to grow the g2m business across both marketing and sales. Like all good sales people she is well-organised and detail-oriented but with an analytical eye and a knack for getting to the bottom of a prospect's real issue.

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It was an absolute pleasure working with G2M. Chris is an excellent listener, and knows just what to ask to get to the heart of our content problems. He and the rest of the team were always prompt, clear with requirements, on time with delivery, and they produced exceptional results and great content in a very technical market. Their willingness to go the extra mile was very much appreciated, and the entire team was always so friendly and great to deal with. I would have no problems recommending the G2M team to anyone who wants to produce exceptional content for their blog or eBook needs.” 



Matthew Butler, Marketing Manager of Reckon


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Modern, effective and affordable revenue generation is underpinned by the best methodologies and technology. By "best" we mean proven to be effective, easy to use, affordable to own and features that integrate smoothly to support the full buyer's journey – from stranger to visitor, to contact to lead, to customer to advocate.


HubSpot's own platform of applications is wide and its ability to "play nicely" and integrate with other major industry players in the sales and marketing ecosystem makes it an easy choice for us. We committed early in our own journey and continue to use HubSpot to fuel our own growth. HubSpot's software products are used as marketing automation software, a CMS for your website and a CRM for your sales team.

We are proud to have been Australia's first Platinum Partner and we are a HubSpot accredited trainer.  We are also hosts of a vibrant local community of HubSpot users in Sydney that meets regularly throughout the year. Come and join us to hear more about the world of inbound marketing.


We use the Funnel LogicTM methodology, a comprehensive B2B go-to-market strategy and planning process, Funnel CampTM and some very smart planning software Funnel Plan. Clients exit the strategy and planning process with a blisteringly clear strategy, an aligned sales and marketing team and a full set of tactics aligned to your customer's purchasing journey


In most cases, an organic lead generation effort should be partnered by a comprehensive paid search initiative.  As a Google Partner we develop and manage effective paid search campaigns for our clients. 

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