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Why Quarterly Campaigns Are Dead (eBook)

B2B organisations must change their approach to lead generation to engage with their target audience online. Learn how to build a lead generation engine for your firm in 6 steps.

Marketing HealthCheck

B2B Marketing Health Check (Excel Tool)

  • When was the last time you took a B2B marketing health check-up?
  • Can you be sure that your marketing is in good health? 

This Excel based tool takes you through the 6 key elements of "healthy" marketing and asks you a series of questions, before providing a diagnosis and some suggested relevant content to improve your health in that particular area.

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SEO goes from Search to Social: How to get found by buyers in search results (Article)

How your buyers find you while searching online is changing fundamentally and dramatically. Google is trying to kill SEO as we know it. The implications for your site are significant and immediate, especially if your organisation or the SEO agency you are using is engaging in dubious tactics to “get found”. Download our complimentary 7-page article to learn about Google's quest to purify SEO and what B2B marketers should do to survive in this ever-shifting landscape.

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Social Media's Impact on Revenue (Article)

Can your 140 character Tweets and the number of followers of your corporate LinkedIn page really increase your revenue? This short article answers this question with an emphatic "Yes!" Find out how to use social media as a key content distribution channel to assist your buyers move through the steps of their buying journey and become a qualified lead for sales. Read practical examples of ways to use your social media instruments to develop and nurture leads.

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Measure Marketing ROI: The Keys to The Boardroom (eBook)

All too often, B2B marketers are unfairly depicted as the "colouring in" department, pre-judged as having no real impact on the bottom line. Show the board how you contribute to the business, in cold hard facts and you may well find yourself being given the keys to the boardroom. Read this 12-page eBook to learn what you should be measuring at each stage of the funnel and how to build a process for measurement and improvement.

 cover mockup book how to win the race for quality leads  

How to Win the Race for Quality Leads (eBook)

Creating a consistent stream of qualified leads is the core task for B2B Marketers. Building the elements required to beat the competition, take and maintain the lead in the race for revenue, requires a methodical planned approach, powerful content, a world class set of tools and a team with the right skills. This free eBook outlines the steps you need to take to build a powerful lead engine that will deliver a consistent stream of quality leads for your salesteam.

 Content Marketing Revolution  

The Content Marketing Revolution (eBook)

New 2013 version released!

Unfortunately your prospects simply don't care about what you have to say about the wonderful features, functions and benefits of your shiny new product. This eBook on content marketing discusses how to use content to effectively engage with your contacts to convert them into interested and engaged leads, who you actively nurture to become a loyal customer. The data is undeniable. Study after study shows content marketing radically improves your marketing AND sales conversion ratios.


The Inbound Marketing Revolution (White Paper)

Learn about inbound marketing in this short whitepaper. "Sebastian Junger’s wonderful book “The Perfect Storm” described an unprecedented combination of meteorological events that led to a storm of intense ferocity off the New England coast. Such a storm is upon the marketing function. And it is fundamentally altering the way B2B marketers do their jobs effectively."

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Business Blogging Best Practices (eBook) 

New version released!

"Blogging is the #1 tool for attracting and influencing visitors to your website. Google's search engine love sites where content is always changing and being updated. Blogs are perfect vehicles for optimising around keywords. If you want to get found online, start blogging! In this eBook, learn how blogging works to attract visitors and leads! How to set up and manage the challenging task of running a blog, how to integrate it into the broader social mediasphere and how to market and promote your blog."

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The Buyer's Journey (White Paper) 

"Understanding how your buyer makes a purchasing decision fundamentally changes the way you approach sales and marketing to your prospects and radically increases your conversion rates. This opinion piece from g2m solutions, leaning heavily on concepts generated by our partner MathMarketing, clearly illustrates how B2B purchasing occurs and what you must do to influence the decision in your favour."

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How to use Business Video to Drive Leads (White Paper)

New version released!

Use of business Video is exploding. But too many B2B marketers don't understand how to use business video to attract and nurture leads. In this white paper, learn how to incorporate business video into your content marketing plan to develop leads, how to develop your message and script and how to produce your video.


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