6 Marketing Metrics Every Boss Should Care About

Complimentary eBook

Statistics show that 73% of executives don't believe their marketers are focused enough on results - in large part because they don't know what data to focus on. Set your marketers straight with this eBook, as it walks you through the six critical marketing metrics every boss should demand from their team.

Navigating the endless list of marketing metrics is a task not for the faint hearted. The sheer volume of statistics that marketers end up producing is overwhelming and it can often be difficult to choose ones that demonstrate the impact of marketing efforts.

Unsurprisingly then, 73% of executives don’t believe marketers are focused enough on results to truly drive customer demand. However, for you to change this, metrics need to indicate bottom line impact.

This eBook will walk you through six marketing metrics that you, as the business leader, should actually know about and help you easily measure your own success.