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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Realising that his buyers were doing their own research online, owner Simon Lenoir looked into digital marketing and came across HubSpot marketing software. It soon became apparent however that Simon needed a systematic inbound marketing methodology and content creation expertise in order to leverage the power of HubSpot - which is where g2m solutions came in!

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Outsourced Marketing Services (MaaS)

Owner James Organ knew that his marketing needed to communicate ACA’s expertise in their specialised areas in order to differentiate themselves from large data houses. He needed carefully crafted content and a vehicle to communicate this to the right people in the relevant industries. To do this he employed g2m Solutions and within three months had experienced a 400% increase in organic traffic. Working with g2m solutions over a number of years, ACA research is firmly established as a thought leader in their sector.

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Website (Re)Design Project

ACA Research had a functioning website that needed updating. They wanted to pair this refresh with optimising the backend processes of the website and make it responsive for mobile devices. To achieve the goals set out by ACA Research, g2m solutions implemented a growth driven design (GDD) methodology - coupling an inbound marketing aproach with clever design tactics to produce a winning website.

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Content Marketing 

Reckon worked with g2m Solutions to develop a content marketing strategy for two different buyer personas; different audiences with different challenges with whom they were trying to engage. g2m Solutions wrote blog content and distributed it on social platforms, driving leads to thought leadership eBooks we'd written. By forming two content funnels we were able to nurture and drive leads down the funnel.

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Content Marketing Strategy 

Long-time client Logicalis, a global managed IT services provider, used g2m to drive their end-to-end content marketing strategy. They were the prime example of traditional 'outbound' focussed marketing, but after a series of workshops, g2m helped Logicalis identify their buyer personas and design a content strategy aimed to help their buyers solve their business problems.

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