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Using the right technology to power your sales and marketing can lead to  a genuine step change in your capability and effectiveness. 

Only a few years ago technology was expensive and complex, but the market has changed dramatically with the smallest firm now being able to implement technology, enjoy its benefits and compete with their bigger rivals.

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 start right inbound marketing

Start Right - world class planning software


Even the best, most powerful engine in the world is useless without clear direction.
With no map of its destination - its power is compromised. 

g2m Solutions works with the worlds leading B2B go to market planning methodology and software, funnel plan from Align.me. This incredibly powerful process results in a blisteringly clear sales and marketing plan, tied to your business' objectives.   


Marketing Automation


As platinum resellers of the world's most popular marketing automation provider, HubSpot, we have great experience in putting this powerful software to work for you. 

We'll recommend the best option for your business, implement it quickly and painlessly and once your campaigns are up and running, optimise it to maximise your conversion rates.

We'll build simple powerful reports so you can quickly see the effectivness of your campaigns and your investment. 


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Sales Tools


HubSpot has an effective and 'always free' CRM system - but its powerful set of sales force efficiency tools is where it really makes a difference to the sales reps on the phone and on the road. Its clever templates and automation features, save hours and hours of work for sales teams.

We'll spend time with your sales team to figure out the best option to enhance their productivity, implement the software and train the team on how to get the best from the tools.


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