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Why A Social Media Policy Will Do Your Business More Harm Than Good

You can’t be blamed for thinking that your company must have a social media policy. Take one look online and you’ll be convinced that such a document is essential. Sure, if you want to quash any creativity or individuality your employees bring to your organisation, a social media policy is great. But, if you’d rather create a culture of motivated brand ambassadors and an interactive online community, then steer clear.

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Social Media Marketing: Does Age Matter?

Thanks to the Internet and developments in technology, those born after 1980 have grown up very differently from the generations before them, resulting in a ‘digital generation gap’. As digital natives, Gen Ys engage with each other in ways that older generations struggle to understand. They use smartphones more than any other age group and are much more prolific on social media. So, when it comes to deciding who’s best to run your business’ social media accounts, should this come into consideration?

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Social Media Marketing for B2B: The 5 Things To Do Immediately

In a world where there is no shortage of new ideas and ways to market, social media marketing has proven that it is here to stay. However, social media marketing has evolved rapidly over the years, and success is not defined by the number of posts about your brand on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Marketers and business owners should keep up with the changes to ensure they aren’t lagging behind their competition.

Here are the five immediate actions business owners should take to ensure social media success:

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