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Social Media Marketing: Does Age Matter?

Thanks to the Internet and developments in technology, those born after 1980 have grown up very differently from the generations before them, resulting in a ‘digital generation gap’. As digital natives, Gen Ys engage with each other in ways that older generations struggle to understand. They use smartphones more than any other age group and are much more prolific on social media. So, when it comes to deciding who’s best to run your business’ social media accounts, should this come into consideration?

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Google Ads – revenue machine or branding aid?

by Michelle Fondacaro

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Social Media Marketing for B2B: The 5 Things To Do Immediately

In a world where there is no shortage of new ideas and ways to market, social media marketing has proven that it is here to stay. However, social media marketing has evolved rapidly over the years, and success is not defined by the number of posts about your brand on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Marketers and business owners should keep up with the changes to ensure they aren’t lagging behind their competition.

Here are the five immediate actions business owners should take to ensure social media success:

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3 Simple Rules for Social Media Marketing

There are too many rules for social media marketing out there. We’ve read, skimmed rather, so many articles stating the 10 laws or the 20 rules for effective social media marketing. But how many of these ‘rules’ do you actually follow? I’m guessing no more than 20 – 30%.

Opinions around the best time to post updates on social networks are rampant. Some believe it’s best to update Twitter just after lunchtime, whereas some believe that LinkedIn posts bring the most success when they’re posted right before 9am. Not only do they preach about times to post, some advocate for quantity of social profiles believing more profiles would lead to more leads.

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8 Signs You’re Wasting Good Money on Social Media

Ever wondered if social media is all a bunch of hogwash? Ever thought that your Tweets, LinkedIn updates and Facebook posts are useless content that get you nowhere? I’m sure you have. And at one point, we all did.

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Can Social Media Actually Produce Leads and Sales for B2B Businesses?

Social media for B2B, a waste of time or an untapped source of sales? Is it really worth the investment? A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs uncovered that social media is used by 87% of B2B content marketers, making it the most popular marketing tactic. However, social media also has its skeptics. 

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