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What Marketing Leaders Should be Investing In (and How to Measure Success)

New marketing tactics and technologies continually emerge from the digital woodwork. Marketers must constantly balance the adoption of industry innovations with their ability to accurately gauge and value their effectiveness.  

The following post is a Q&A with analyst and subject-matter expert, Jennifer Polk, conducted by Gartner to promote their 2018 Digital Marketing Conference.

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What is a Pillar Page? (and why it matters for your SEO strategy)

Just when you thought you understood SEO...How you get ranked by the search engines has changed...


And this time its a big change which has some significant implications for B2B Marketers. The way you design your site, your content and the keywords you chose will all need to change. The following article was published in September 2017 by HubSpot. 

Human search behaviors have changed, and so have the technologies used to interpret and serve up search results. Optimising blog content to rank for long-tail keywords is no longer the best way to rank in search engine results -- and your blog architecture has something to do with that.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the ways search has changed, the scoop on topic clusters, and how pillar pages fit into the equation.

Topics: seo strategy Inbound Marketing strategy