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Email Nurture Campaign Strategy for B2B Marketing Made Simple

Great, you've got a list of contacts. Now what? Send them a generic promotional email and hope for the best? Good luck with that. In B2B marketing, the fact of the matter is, if you don't email your leads something suited to where they are at in the buyers cycle, specific to their business problems, they won't be interested. So how do you know where they are in the buyers cycle and what to say to them in order to generate some significant sales? I'm about to reveal!

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Automate vs. Personalise: The Marketing Automation Dilemma

Are you at a fork in the road contemplating a marketing automation tool? Are you worried about losing the personal touch with your valued customers and prospects with marketing automation? No need to furrow that brow of yours! Marketing automation has flourished on the premise of helping marketers deliver automated, yet personalised communication.All marketing automation tools are built to help you conduct effective inbound marketing. When used correctly, it can become your powerful inbound marketing machine, nurturing your leads silently in the background. In this blog we discuss how a marketing automation tool allows you to personalise your marketing efforts:

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Does email marketing produce a ROI for B2B businesses?

Email marketing = SPAM. That’s the perception of email marketing nowadays. More and more business owners are led to believe that email marketing delivers little or no ROI. But is this really true? Does email marketing really not produce ROI?

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Stand Out by Helping Out: How Customer Centricity Can Help you Win Business

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Do you need marketing automation? Ask yourself these 9 questions!

Marketing automation has been around for several years now. Some businesses swear by it, while others haven’t even taken a free trial. So, would marketing automation benefit your business enough for you to invest in it? In this blog, we ask nine questions to see if your business would benefit from marketing automation.

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A Business Leader's Guide to B2B Lead Nurturing

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Why B2B Marketers Should Be Pro's at Dating

How would you feel if you went on a first date and they popped 'the question'?

Precisely. So why do some B2B marketers go straight from ‘Hi we are Company X’… to ‘buy our stuff, it's great!’?

Okay, so marriage is a slightly bigger decision than buying a product/service but the principle is just the same.

Unlike some B2C buyers, B2B buyers aren’t impulsive; they need TLC, encouragement and reassurance before they buy.

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5 Key Factors of a Sucessful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

With 81% of marketers using email marketing as a lead generation tactic (MarketingSherpa), it's easy to see how important it is to make sure you're doing it right.

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4 Kinds of Lead Nurturing Campaigns for B2B Marketers

How do you market to your B2B buyers in a way that won't scare them off, but instead nudge them down the funnel towards sales? For each campaign we are faced with this question. And each time, coming up with a good strategy takes much brainstorming and forethought. But that's the nature of this business: B2B marketing is challenging.

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How To Nurture Leads Using Email: 6 Top Tips For B2B Marketers

Is email a marketing tool that has had its day? We hear so much about the effectiveness of new social media communication methods, perhaps it's time for email to hang up its boots, sit back and enjoy a well-earned retirement.

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