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Why CEOs of small & medium B2B businesses should blog

If you are a senior executive in B2B businesses, regardless of your label (CEO, managing director, country manager, general manager, etc.) you should blog.

I can already hear the collective groan. "Really...why is it so important?!" Well here's why:

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Thought Leadership Comes Last – Put Your Story First

You have heard it time and time again; Inbound Marketing is all about engaging your readers, giving them educational, interesting and valuable content that helps solve a problem. If you do this well, the reader starts moving along on the buyer’s journey and turns from a target into a real lead, and that’s exactly what you want. So it’s crucial you know how to attract your readers, prospects, and potential buyers to turn them into qualified leads.

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Checklist: How to pick a brand journalist

By now, you fully understand the concept of Inbound Marketing and you’re ready to get started and show your boss that this is the strategy your marketing team has been missing all along. You know Inbound and content go hand in hand, you know that in order to succeed with your Inbound tactics you need a solid content plan, you know how to build this, you have all the technical necessities in place, you even got your hands on a shiny new marketing automation system – yes, the IT team finally gave in.

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So you want to be a Master Blogger? 5 Hot Tips to get you there

No matter if you’re a published journo, someone who loves to write or your company’s chosen wordsmith, if you’re challenged to shift your skills into the blogging sphere, you need to be across certain rules in order to master the art of successful online content creation

I engage with many experienced journalists on a daily basis, and it is surprising how little even the most seasoned writers seem to know about the difference between writing for print publications and blogs.

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Forget about Quantity, Lead Generation Calls for Quality

High lead generation with a high conversion rate is the goal of any B2B marketing campaign. As a marketer you want to acquire a solid amount of leads for your sales team. After all, high numbers look good but you also want these leads to be qualified and out for a buy or else you are wasting time, energy and budget on nurturing people who aren’t, and never were, interested in buying your product in the first place.

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Buyer Centricity: The Missing Piece in your Content Marketing Puzzle

Your marketers are typically capable of producing good marketing material. From website content, blog articles, social media updates, online advertisements to emails, surveys, newsletters, brochures and eBooks. As a business owner you review the material and most of the time you’re happy with what they’ve produced. It is well designed, it has your brand name and logo, it describes your product / brand clearly and it is interesting. You believe your company has produced a great piece of marketing material. But there’s one problem: this material might not be good enough for your buyers.

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Top 9 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes

Many blogs out there give you lists of top content marketing mistakes to avoid while executing your B2B content marketing. In this blog we’re going to look a bit deeper from a more strategic perspective and also alert you to what mistakes you should avoid while creating your content marketing strategy.  

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Goldilocks and The Three Stages of Lead Generation

Just like Goldilocks' quest to find the porridge that's just right, the challenge for marketers is to get the temperature of their content just right - not too cold and not too hot.

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Content Marketing Trends for 2014

The latest report on the state of B2B content marketing and the predicted trends for 2014 has just been released by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. The next few blogs we release will deal with these important findings and their influence on the future of B2B marketing. We will deliver some insight on what all this data means, and how you can increase the effectiveness of your B2B Marketing.


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A Business Owner's Guide to Content Marketing

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