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Is Your Marketing Preventing Your Business' Growth?

Being a business owner, you may have a b2b marketing team or a b2b marketing professional responsible for handling all marketing tasks in your business. You allocate a certain proportion of your company-wide budget for marketing, review a new digital marketing campaign proposed by the team and give them the go ahead. Soon they ask you for more funding to develop a different campaign, to support the existing campaign or for a different product / service altogether. 

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18 Signs You Should Sack Your Marketing Director

As a business owner, you don’t know as much as you need to in order to market your business successfully, that’s why you hired a Marketing Director. But sadly, even in-house Marketing Directors may not be the best move - some of them are stuck in their ways or not aware of current developments.

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Key Skills You Need for Effective Inbound Marketing in 2014

Does your business have the right mix of skills to ensure marketing’s success? Often businesses don’t know the skills that effective marketing entails. Or worse, they think they have marketing all figured out, believing that they can tackle marketing on their own or bring in a fresh marketing graduate to do it all for them.

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